Merge Loans into One Loan – Consolidation of Loans


Transferring loans always gives you an advantage. Whatever loan type you have, it is always worthwhile to compare your current loans with other providers. The interest you pay on a loan is high and you can save on that by placing one or more loans with another provider. You may have a revolving credit, a personal loan or a credit card. Whatever loan form you have, saving is always possible. Our team is happy to get started for you.


Merge credit: what should you look out for?

Merge credit: what should you look out for?

The refinancing loan often entails the necessary arrangements. There are a number of things that require your attention. For example, it is wise to check whether you have to pay a fine for the interim repayment of your loan. Our adviser can check this for you. A financial advisor also looks at whether it is wise to place several loans with a lender or whether it is better to take out each loan separately.


Switching Leenvis is free

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Transferring an expensive loan gives you the advantage that you do not have to pay us any money. We are directly rewarded by banks and lenders for our services. Switching from bank to loan therefore costs you absolutely nothing. It provides you with the necessary savings. Transferring a loan using Leenvis is a wise choice if you want to structurally reduce your monthly payments.


What are the benefits of refinancing your existing loan?

What are the benefits of refinancing your existing loan?

Transferring a loan not only gives you a more favorable interest rate, you also benefit from more benefits at Leenvis. This way you can request a quote or do a saving check without obligation. Do you want to contact our advisors? You can always chat with a financial adviser. Handy if, for example, you have a question about transferring a revolving credit. We always respond within 1 business day if you ask us a question. In short, contact us for the transfer of your loans!

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